Friday, February 26, 2016

Entries due Monday

If you're planning on entering our contest and happen to come across this blog entry, let this serve as a reminder that all entries are due MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, at 11:59pm.

Any later is too late.

Monday, February 22, 2016

A little friendly advice

When filling out your entry, it might behoove you to see what teams are ineligible for the Big Dance. There are many reasons why a team might not be eligible -- APR standards, NCAA violations, self-imposed exile, just came over from Division II, you name it. Some of these teams may even be eligible for their conference tourneys, but pick them at your peril*. The savvy pool entrant will not only know who's ineligible, but what happens if they win their conference tournament.

So you've been warned. We can almost guarantee that at least a few contestants will pick not one but two ineligible teams. Don't be "that guy," unless your goal is to see your name in lights, right here on the blog. For nothing is surer than our unconstrained delight in exposing our entrants' "special" selections.

In other news, the contest is due exactly one week from today. Get those picks in, pronto.

* - our contest rules clearly state that for our purposes, "conference champion" is the team representing the conference in the NCAA.

Friday, February 12, 2016

27th Annual Pre-NCAA Contest is up and running

The 2016 Pre-NCAA Contest is ready to roll!

The entry form may be found here

The rules may be found here

This year for payment, we accept cash, checks, Venmo, or Paypal -- instructions are on the rules page.