Monday, April 8, 2013

Hoop D'Ville

Three games decided by a total of 15 points. That's what Final Fours should be. Rick Pitino becomes the first head coach ever to win national championships with two different teams -- first with Kentucky and now with Louisville -- but much more importantly, our contest winner is Sanders, with 295 points, followed by Steinhardt (282), who has won a prize for the second straight year, and Dye (280). Full standings may be found by clicking here or on the link on the right hand side of the page.

We had 85 entries that "counted," meaning the prizes will be 414 "credits" for Sanders, 207 for Steinhardt, and 69 for Dye, in addition to the 50 each previously earned by Biebel and Moscow. Congratulations all.

It's been a fun tournament. See you all next year.

Friday, April 5, 2013

You're It

It's always nice when a contest as old as ours gets an infusion of new blood. Competing for only the second time in pool history, the Tag Team entitled Members of DBR (240.8) has come out on top, beating out a brand new group, the Ant Farm (234.75) by more than five points. The decline of Whiteside continues, as Whiteside and his Enemies (225.0) barely edged the Ripley Believe-it-or-Nots (224.5) and the Friends of Natalini (223.0). Of course while embracing the new, we'd hate to give up the old, so we take some small comfort in knowing that the Leach Gang (213.75) has once again floundered in second-to-last place. The D'Zuro Group (215.2) spared themselves the ignominy of finishing below the Leaches, something we can't say about the Urban Engineers (193.11).

They could've chosen any school, but they chose Temple. And apparently a lot of other winners, because fans of Temple (245.0) were the best in this year's contest. Maryland (237.0) was at least better than Duke (221.33) at something. Among non-Temple Pennsylvania schools, Penn State (214.88) beat out both the University of Pennsylvania (210.5) and Villanova (205.33).

Females (223.93) came out on top of males (220.12), where pretty much everyone wants them to be. Children (240.86) thumbed their noses at their elders. Among the various species, Lawyers (221.33) couldn't beat out Humans (222.08), but at least they were better than Dogs (205.0). Angels (177.0) need to wheedle some more inside information out of their boss. Our average pool participant scored 220.79, not nearly as well as our average commissioner (234.5). Non-paying participants (214.43) once again showed they didn't pay for a reason (those who paid averaged 221.84).

Students (235.85) always think they know better than teachers (222.25), but this year they really do. Those in sales (230.0) out-thought those in IT (223.75). The unemployed (223.25) clearly have more time on their hands than those with gainful employment (214.88), but we don't know how to explain retired people (213.0). Number crunchers in the accounting world (215.8) probably aspire to be someone with a fancier financial-related title (219.5). Attorneys (212.25) can take solace in that at least they're smarter than engineers (206.17). Self-styled "provocateurs" (233.0) are just a bit cleverer than those fancying themselves a "genius (on sabbatical)" (229.0).

This year the prime place from which to pick pools was the Deep South (239.63). People in New York City (232.4) tend to have a superiority complex but at least this year they more or less backed it up. The West (232.0) bested the Midwest (226.0). Philadelphia suburbs (222.8) beat out Philadelphia urbs (213.8). Those who live in extended DelMarVa (213.8) and Western PA (209.8) should probably move.

Breaking it down further, this year's top state of mind was Tennessee (237.5). New Yorkers (232.43) got the news three hours earlier than Californians (229.0). Floridians (227.0) warmed up faster than Pennsylvanians (217.63), Virginians (216.50), or Marylanders (213.50). New Jerseyites (208.33) should find a new exit on the turnpike.

In the name game, if you want to choose wisely you should change your name to Jeff (234.0), or maybe Mike (224.5) or David (224.5). We wouldn't recommend John (213.75) or Bob (210.0).

The Final Four starts in just over 24 hours. Enjoy the games.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


"I can hear them... giggling they are plotting against me!" Yes, these were the words from the troubled mind of Booth, as she prepared to do battle in the annual Whiteside Booth-bash.

Is it really paranoia if they are in fact out to get you? Whitesidekick J Butscher came into the contest talking a little trash: "Will Nancy Booth finish last? Probably."

Perhaps J Butscher might want to look up the one about kharma being a bitch, because while Booth did end up in an eight-way tie for 56th with a mediocre 218 points, among those who managed the exact same paltry total was the Butscher himself (218), as well as fellow Whitesider McKillip (also 218). Maybe J Butscher ought to stick to taunting K Butscher (208) instead.

But what of C Whiteside? Sure, coming into this year's contest he'd hammered his sister-in-law Booth ten times in the past ten years, by a whopping average of 41 points. But in 2012 his aura of invincibility took a hit. His own progeny entered the contest and both J Whiteside and B Whiteside kicked their old man's behind. Rumor had it the muttered words "beginner's luck" could be heard after the kids went to bed, but the twins simply smirked. This season, when C Whiteside attempted to dissuade ten-year-old J Whiteside from his choice of Syracuse as national champion, the young lad flat out refused his counsel.

Ever hear the one about laughing last? Apparently young B Whiteside (262) and J Whiteside (261) haven't. Both children whupped daddy for the second straight year. Even scarier for "Shabba," he only beat his annual bean bag Booth by a mere point, 219 to 218. We have not been able to verify reports that C Whiteside checked in to a cardiac ward after he saw the scoring totals.

In other grudge matches, K Sullivan once again said she didn't want to make B Peloso cry, but that didn't keep her from mercilessly trouncing her rival, 229 to 220, and forcing B Peloso to take solace in the beating of his Duke-loving wife, M Peloso (198). Sullivan also bested her husband, D'Zuro (210), and deceased mother-in-law, Haklar (219). K Ripley (213) sadly missed her modest goal of topping father R Wanger (226), brother M Wanger (241), and/or husband P Ripley (218).

In Leach World, poor P Leach (183) collapsed piteously beneath the heels of his father E Leach (236), his two daughter's, M Leach (266) and Sa Leach (226), and even the family dog, Su Leach (226).

Smaller family squabbles were settled when R Kornfeld (219) whipped D Kornfeld (182), J McAtee (196) edged M McAtee (188), R Schlegel (225) slipped by L Schlegel (219), T Cristinzio (237) clobbered A Cristinzio (165), L Donadio (256) stomped on J Donadio (185), Adams (246) pounded Coach Doc (228), D Josephs (240) flew past commissioner M Josephs (218), and G Wright (218) put B Wright (193) in his proper place. After scoring both 254 and 211, M Paston may need treatment for a bipolar condition.

Among members of DBR, Nocilla (264) won bragging rights, over ACCBballFan (256), Kedsy (251), Tommy (217), and Sporthenry (216).

Tag Team totals tomorrow.