Friday, April 8, 2016


Well, Villanova was clearly the best team in this year's tournament, much to the delight of our old-time tag team, the Nova Gang (approximately none of which played in this year's contest). And also to the three of our contestants who professed to Villanova being their favorite college: Kovolski, George B, and M McAtee.

And M Peloso was clearly the best entrant in this year's contest, finishing 1st with 325 points. Also in the money were Selig (305 points) and Crotty (301).

Just missing the sweet spots were L Schlegel (298) and K Ripley (291), though at least both of them kicked their own father's behind (and K Ripley realized her dream of smacking her husband around as well). Best entry that did not have Villanova as champion belonged to Serri (285), for which he gets a tiny gold star but no monetary remuneration whatsoever.

As reported previously, Harlan won the award for being in first place immediately after the field was chosen.

At the bottom of the pack was Tharp with 151 points, Grossman with 186, and Butscher with 188.

Final standings may be found here, or by using the link on the right hand side of the page.

That about wraps up this year's contest. See y'all next year.


Number of contestants who guessed half (or more) of the conference champions: 4 of 67 (6.0%): Harlan (18 of 32); M Wanger (17); Marshall (16); Crotty (16).

With four #1 seeds and two #2 seeds making the Elite Eight, number of contestants who got better than 5 Elite Eight teams: 1 of 67 (1.5%): Biebel 2 (6 of 8).
(Though 28 people got 5 of 8, meaning 43.3% of our entrants guessed more than half the Elite Eight correctly).

With a #1 seed and two #2 seeds in the Final Four, number of contestants who get better than half the Final Four teams; 1 of 67 (1.5%): Joe McAtee (3).
(Though 20 contestants got 2 of 4, meaning 31.3% of our entrants guessed half the Final Four (or better)).

Number of contestants who accurately predicted the national champion: 8 of 67 (11.9%): J Broder, Crotty, S Leach, J McAtee, M Peloso, K Ripley, L Schlegel, Selig.

On the other side:

Number of contestants whose correct conference champions numbered in single digits: 10 of 67 (14.9%): James Tharp (6); Jeff Butscher (6); Shawn Nocilla (8); Manny Pogach (9); Nancy Booth (9); Michael Anania (9); Jack Whiteside; Leo Leach (9); George Templeton (9); Jon Broder (9).

With four #1 seeds and two #2 seeds making the Elite Eight, number of contestants who got only two Elite Eight teams right: 3 of 67 (4.5%): J Whiteside, Grossman, Pogach
(and seven others got only 3 of 8: D Kedson, Do Dye, Sa Leach, Miller, T Cristinzio, J McAtee.

With a #1 seed and two #2 seeds in the Final Four, number of contestants who got zero (0) Final Four teams: 11 of 67 (16.4%): R Schlegel, Butscher, Templeton, Tharp, Fitch, Tester, Rybaltowski, Da Dye, Do Dye, D Kedson, Grossman.

Number of contestants who failed to accurately predicted the national champion: 59 of 67 (88.1%).

Special recognition goes to J McAtee, who chose only three of the Elite Eight but picked all three successfully into the Final Four.

Specialer recognition goes (of course) to Butscher who backed up his mind-boggling conference champion run by getting zero (0) Final Four teams, despite picking the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most popular Final Four choices (Kansas, Michigan State, and Virginia) as well the 9th most popular pick (Maryland).

Monday, April 4, 2016

No words

After watching both Marcus Paige's penultimate shot and then Kris Jenkins's buzzer beater, words escape us.

A brilliant end to an exciting tournament. Congrats to the Nova Gang. Hopefully a more articulate postmortem tomorrow.