Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The game is afoot...

Well, the game isn't really a foot, now is it? But the entry deadline has passed and we have 61 entries (no idea how many of those are paying entries yet).

A few conference tournaments have started, but nobody who anybody picked has lost yet. So not much to report.

But stay tuned. Maybe the game will turn into a hand or an elbow or some other body part. You never know.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Important Safety Tip

When filling out the entry form, here's an important tip that may (or may not) keep you from being ridiculed on the blog:

Once you choose your conference champions and at-large teams, and press the "Done" button for both, the bottom section is automatically populated with the teams you've chosen, allowing you to choose your Elite Eight, Final Four, Champion, and Wildcard. So far, so good.

If, however, you make a change to one of the top sections (for example, if you decide to pick Maryland-Baltimore County as an at-large team instead of North Carolina), the bottom section is re-populated. BUT the check boxes aren't cleared. So, if you make the change to the top sections AFTER you've filled out your bottom section, the box you originally checked, e.g., to signify Duke as national champion might now be checked for Houston.

How can you fix this? Three ways: Either (a) don't make changes to the top sections after you've filled in the bottom section; (b) if you want to make changes to the top sections, uncheck all boxes in the bottom section before you do then fill in the bottom again; or (c) after you make the late changes, double-check the bottom section to make sure you says what you want it to say (and if it doesn't, fix it).

If you fail to do any of the above before you click the "My Entry is Complete" button, you still have an option: on or before the due date, go to the View Entry page, and either view or print-and-view your selections to make sure your entry is what you meant it to be. If it isn't, email the commissioners, explain the problem, and ask them to change your entry manually.

Or you can just accept the ridicule for selecting Houston as your champion.

Happy pool-picking.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's Showtime

Think back, a mere year ago. The Trump presidency had just begun. Villanova was still the defending national champion.

Yeah, I know, it feels like that was 29 years ago. But what was actually 29 years ago was the very first Pre-NCAA Contest, in 1990. This year, then, will be the 29th annual Contest, and I just know you want a piece of that.

So here's your chance. The game is afoot. Just start clicking links below, and you'll be well on your way.



See you soon!