Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Great Moments in Pool History - 2010

2010 - A Better Omen

Yesterday we detailed our harrowing travel adventures leading to the 2009 Final Four. The very next year we got wise and drove to Indianapolis for a much more user-friendly experience, as chronicled in this re-purposed post from 2010:

(cue the time machine...)
Post from Wednesday, April 7, 2009
Titled: "The Omen"

We were looking for omens. It's a long drive from Philadelphia to Indianapolis, and on Friday, April 2, we were unsure what the weekend would bring. We crossed Pennsylvania without seeing anything unusual, and left West Virginia in the dust (which felt good). Soon after that, however, the psychic vibes became evident.

Two trucks vied for supremacy in the right and middle lanes, the one with "Baylor" scrawled across its side moving confidently ahead of the one reading "Old Dominion." An RV with "Georgetown" written in large letters seemed to be stuck in first gear as little compact cars with Ohio license plates raced past it.

And then we saw it. A towering pole with a sign in the shape of a crown, and a single word etched inside. And suddenly all our doubts evaporated into the Ohio air. We knew who the champion would be. And all seemed right with the world.

And yes, that really happened.

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