Monday, April 8, 2019

Rivalry Report, 2019

In an earlier post we highlighted a few of our historical rivalries. And while B Peloso doesn't get to test his mettle against K Sullivan this year, several other rivalries are still hot and heavy.

Predictably, C Whiteside (312 points and Virginia as his champion) once again whomped Booth (231), giving Booth an all-time record against her arch-nemesis of 1-17 (a rousing 5.6% winning percentage). K Ripley's (239) record improved to 5-2 (71.4%) against her brother M Wanger (232), but dropped to 7-10-1 (41.7%) against her father R Wanger (268 and Virginia). For good measure, K Ripley conquered her brother's friend Avila too (237).

J Donadio (258) barely lost to son J Donadio Jr (260), and if Virginia wins he'll get eclipsed by daughter L Donadio (251 plus Virginia) as well. Dale Dye (253) and M Peloso (232) once again proved that women know best, at least when it comes to their own men (Doug Dye (250) and B Peloso (221)). And D Josephs (274 plus Virginia) edged son M Josephs (273 plus Virginia) by a mere point.

It's always wild and wacky in Leachville. This year 8th-grader Sami Leach not only declared she would be the best middle school contestant but vowed also to beat her sister Madi Leach. And what do you know but the kid walked the walk as well, as Sami Leach (289) not only spanked her older sister Madi Leach (262), but also her cousin (and high school basketball player) Elle Leach (272), her father P Leach (220), her grandfather Ed Leach (244), and every other Leach who dared to cross her path (Sup Leach (246 plus Virginia), L Leach (232), and of course cellar dweller Mash Leach (179)). If Texas Tech win tonight, Sami Leach will not only be our best middle schooler, but our fourth highest score of the year.

Things aren't so good for long-time contestant R Schlegel (258), who not only lost to his son L Schlegel (274), lost to his cousin Reid (273 plus Virginia), and if Virginia wins will have lost to his cousin's friend Blane (247 plus Virginia), but he also misspelled his own name on the entry form ("Rcik").

And that seems as good a place as any to end this report.

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