Thursday, April 4, 2019

Great Moments in Pool History - in the Family Way

This has always been a family-friendly contest. Husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, even occasionally family pets, have all entered the contest and competed against each other (and to a lesser extent, everybody else). But several families stand out, at least in sheer quantity. We'd like to mention some of them here.

One of the first families to participate in the contest was the family unit we dubbed the Alliterative Acchiones. Led by Bill, Buddy, and Butch - but later joined by Amy, Jake, and Maureen - they founded the first of our many tag teams (the Nova Gang) and participated year after year. Sadly, for the Acchiones, none of them ever won a contest...

...which is not something you can say about the Donadios. We've had five (5) Donadios participate in this contest (John, John Jr, Lucia, Mary Ellen, and Nicholas) and three (3) of them (60%) have won the contest: John Donadio in 2018; John Donadio, Jr in 2000 (tie); and Lucia Donadio in 2006. Pretty impressive for a group that all lives in the same house.

The Wangers/Ripleys, not all from the same house, have also represented well. It started with Randy Wanger and his two children, Mike and Kelly, but when Kelly got married, she dragged her husband Paul and child Aaron into it as well. As the two most eager participants, it's only fitting that the two contest winners from this family are Randy in 2009 (tie) and Kelly in 2005 (tie).

This commissioner's own family, the Kedsons, has also been well-represented. The commissioners wife (Susan), child (Brandon), parents (Len and Phyllis), mother-in-law (Bobbie Shaid), brother (Ira), nephew (Jack), cat (A Capella), brother's dog (Quasi), and brother's cat (Eesara) have all at one time participated in our contest. The commissioner himself (David Kedson) won the contest in 1990, then finished last in 1995. The commissioner's son Brandon won in 2001.

But the most prolific and flamboyant family to have graced the annals of our contest is undoubtedly the Leaches. Led by patriarch Ed Leach, no fewer than eleven (11) different Leach family members have participated in the pool: Ed, Elle, Kids, Domino, Leo, Madison, Mash, Perry, Samantha, Surprise, and in-law Manny Pogach. The entire clan can only collectively boast of one contest win (Mash Leach in 1997), but an amazing five (5) Leaches have finished dead last: Mash Leach in 1994; Domino Leach in 1996; Samantha Leach in 2006; Madison Leach in 2008, and Kids Leach in 2009. Fittingly, the outrageous Mash Leach will this year bring that total up to six (6) and become only the third multi-year last place finisher, as Mash has clinched the bottom spot in the 2019 contest.

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