Friday, March 16, 2018


Before the late games tonight, there'd been 135 #1 v. #16 matchups in the history of the NCAA Tournament. And the #16 had lost 135 times. Yeah, one game had gone to OT (Michigan State v. Murray State in 1990) and there'd been a couple one-point games and a few others within one possession, but the #1 had never actually gone so far as to lose an opening round game. Ever.

Can't say that any more.

It wasn't like Virginia got robbed by some crazy last-second shot, either. Before tonight's 20 point beatdown, Virginia hadn't trailed at any point in any game by more than 13 points. Which is small consolation to the 12 contestants that picked a team as champion that didn't make it to the first weekend (George B, Biebel, Blane, Harlan, D Josephs, M Kleiman, Elle Leach, P Ripley, K Sullivan, Templeton, M Wanger, R Wanger). Or the 40 who chose Virginia into the Final Four (top Final Four vote-getter). Or probably not the 53 (out of 61 total entrants) who penciled in the Wahoos into their Elite Eight, either (tied for tops in that category). Or anybody who filled out a tournament bracket, for that matter.

At least those who watched can say they witnessed history. Now, who has Maryland-Baltimore County winning their next game?

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