Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Wright Stuff

Well, Cleveland State's improbable run through the Horizon tournament has come to an end, with the 11-23 Vikings finally falling, to Wright State (taken by 12 intrepid entrants). In other conference championship action, College of Charleston (chosen by 38) topped Northeastern (picked by 19) in the Colonial; Gonzaga (selected by 46) pounded BYU (liked by no one) in the WCC; South Dakota State (also 46) outlasted South Dakota (14) in the big battle of the Badlands (i.e., the Summit League championship), giving them bragging rights in the Walleye State; and Wagner (favored by 50) fell to Long Island U (a zero hero).

Which overall is good news for our contestants, as three of the five conferences listed above were won by teams chosen by a majority of us. Bringing the total of majority-selected conference champions up to four. Out of eleven. So maybe more "less embarrassing" than "good."

First place, with 38 points and an astonishing (for us, at least) 7 of 11 champions chosen, is shared by Blane and Ed Leach. Another eight contestants so far have more than half the conferences correct (George B, Booth, D Josephs, P Leach, M Paston, B Peloso, Reid, Selig) and are tied for 3rd with 33 points. The other 51 of us are not doing so hot.

The only game tonight with serious contest ramifications is the Patriot League championship, which pits favorite Bucknell (57 votes) vs. undertoothpaste Colgate (2: Leo Leach, Tester). Enjoy.

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