Sunday, March 25, 2018


Well, Final Four, that is. Two #1s have added a little normalcy to the proceedings. Or, we guess, what constitutes normalcy for this contest. Out of 61 contestants, a total of eleven (11) got two (2) of the Final Four correct (that's 18% getting half right, for those scoring at home): J Donadio, R Schlegel, DiCicco, M Peloso, Selig, M Wanger, Elle Leach, Steinhardt, B Whiteside, Biebel 4, Templeton 2. Sadly, that's more than compensated by the twelve (12) entrants that got none (none) of the Final Four correct: M McAtee, T Cristinzio, Pogach, Booth, Mad Leach, Templeton, Grossman, L Donadio, M Josephs, Serri, Leo Leach, R Simon.

The new leader is J Donadio, with 262 points, followed by B Whiteside (260), R Schlegel (259), and Biebel 4 (256). Over the week, we'll analyze that further, as well as posting the ever-popular Tag Team totals and Rivalry tallies.

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