Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Don't pass the Bucknell

In the Patriot League championship, Bucknell (picked by 57) beat the cavity kids from Colgate (cared about by 2: Leo Leach, Tester), foiling a Leo Leach special. Also, it has come to our attention that we somehow missed the Southern League championship a couple days ago, in which UNC-Greensboro (liked by 33) beat East Tennessee State (taken by 19). The leaderboard remains pretty much the same.

The only non-championship games of note tonight (so far, 10:33pm EST) were in the ACC: bubble-team Louisville almost blew a huge lead but managed to hang on against Florida State; probable-but-not-definite NC State got down big early but couldn't quite get there against BC; and last-x-out Notre Dame managed a huuuuuge comeback against probable-but-not-definite Virginia Tech. Also one in the PAC 12 -- Colorado beat bubbly Arizona State.

Plenty of games going on but no conference championships on Thursday or Friday. Have a field day.

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