Friday, March 23, 2018


Going into the Sweet 16, only 47.5% of our Final Four guesses had any shot to collect points:

Villanova: 38
Purdue: 24
Duke: 24
Kansas: 21
Gonzaga: 4 (J Broder, J McAtee, Reid, K Sullivan)
Texas Tech: 2 (Booth, Sam Leach)
West Virginia: 2 (Mad Leach, Rybaltowski)
Michigan: 1 (Steinhardt)

Now with Gonzaga gone, it's a little less.

At least the above had a chance. The following Final Four selections didn't make it out of the first weekend:

Virginia: 40
Michigan State: 39
Xavier: 14
North Carolina: 12
Wichita State: 7 (M Josephs, M Kleiman, M McAtee, M Pogach, L Schlegel, C Whiteside, J Whiteside)
Arizona: 6 (Booth, M Josephs, D Kedson, Mash Leach, Rybaltowski, Tester)
Auburn: 4 (Howard, B Peloso, Selig, Serri)
Cincinnati: 2 (Mash Leach, M Peloso)
Ohio State: 2 (Leo Leach, Sciarabba)
Rhode Island: 1 (Serri)
Tennessee: 1 (M Pogach)

Going into the Sweet 16, only one entrant (Biebel 4) had all four of his Final Four alive (Duke, Kansas, Purdue, Villanova). Unfortunately for Biebel 4, due to regional overloads that still only adds up to at most two correct Final Four choices. Out of our 61 contestants, just two managed to go into the Sweet 16 with a chance to have three correct Final Four choices (K Sullivan, J Broder), and both of those promptly lost that chance when Gonzaga went down last night.

Still, with this group there's something to be said for getting out of the first weekend relatively unscathed. And in addition to Biebel 4 there were 12 contestants who had more than half their Final Four alive: Mad Leach, K Sullivan, Paston, Reid, Templeton 2, Harlan, Rybaltowski, DiCicco, P Leach, B Whiteside, Biebel, J Broder. Though there's currently nobody in our contest who has a chance to actually get more than half right.

Naturally, there are more contestants who only had one (1) Final Four team alive than there were with more than half. And we will gladly name those 14 entrants who are currently sucking for oxygen: Sciarabba, Baumgarten 2, Baumgarten, Booth, K Ripley, Mash Leach, George B, M Kleiman, J Whiteside, Blane, Biebel 2, T Cristinzio, Serri, M McAtee.

We'll update the standings tonight, after all the Elite Eight has been decided.

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