Friday, March 16, 2018

Marshall Law

So far, we've played 20 games and had 3 seed upsets (not counting #9 Alabama over #8 Virginia Tech). One of those upsets was marshaled by the Thundering Herd of Marshall, who beat Wichita State, coached by Greg Marshall. The U.S. Marshals were not amused.

Nor were the 15 contestants who chose Wichita State into the Elite Eight, nor the 7 contestants who took the Shockers into the Final Four (M Josephs, M Kleiman, M McAtee, M Pogach, L Schlegel, C Whiteside, J Whiteside). Similarly nonplussed after Buffalo's 21 point shellacking of Arizona were the 15 entrants who picked Arizona to make the Elite Eight and the 6 entrants who predicted Arizona would be playing in the final weekend (Booth, M Josephs, D Kedson, Mash Leach, Rybaltowski, Tester).

The third upset loser, Miami, only truly upset co-commissioner M Josephs who picked the Hurricanes as his wild card. But M Josephs must be really upset, because he not only lost his wild card but two of his Final Four in Wichita State and Arizona. That's a pretty nasty first day and a half.

Other wild card losers include moderately popular pick Virginia Tech (DiCicco, Goren, R Simon, Templeton 2) and North Carolina State (chosen by Pogach).

Another 12 games either underway or will be, later today. How many more poor pool choices will be revealed is anybody's guess.

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