Tuesday, March 20, 2018


In our 28 previous contests, our contestants' top vote-getter for champion has won a grand total of 6 times, for a success rate of 21.4%. Might as well say 6 of 29 (20.7%), because our favorite this year, Michigan State (17 votes) is no longer with us. Neither is our #2 choice, Virginia (12 votes). Bad as we've been historically, we're not sure our top two choices for champion have ever failed to make it out of the first weekend before. It's nice after all these years that our entrants can continue to set new standards of maladroitness.

So while the Sweet 16 is yet to begin, only 44% of us have a champion that's still playing. The most popular among remaining champions is Villanova (selected by 11: Baumgarten, Biebel 4, J Donadio, Fitch, Howard, Sam Leach, M Peloso, Reid, L Schlegel, Selig, Warner). Beyond that, no team has been championed by more than six entrants: Duke (6: Biebel 3, J Broder, D Kedson, Mad Leach, R Simon, Tester); Purdue (6: Burch, D'Zuro, Goren, P Leach, Marshall, Serri); Kansas (3: Mash Leach, M Paston, C Whiteside); and West Virginia (Rybaltowski). Nobody ventured a champion choice on any of the other 12 teams in the Sweet 16.

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