Sunday, March 11, 2018

Almost there

The last six conference championships are in the books and, not surprisingly, not many of us chose a lot of winners.

In the SEC, seven of us (Baumgarten, Fitch, M Josephs, D Kedson, Ed Leach, P Leach, Serri) correctly chose Kentucky to win it. Another seven of us got Georgia State in the Sun Belt (Fitch, Howard, Mash Leach, Samantha Leach, P Ripley, Serri, Templeton). When it came to Davidson in the Atlantic 10 and Cal-State-Fullerton in the Big West, only one contestant managed to guess either of those correctly (Gallagher got Fullerton and the astonishing Leo Leach went for Davidson).

For what it's worth, Leo Leach's achievement of picking four conference champs that practically nobody else thought worthy has catapulted him all the way up to a tie for 31st place. That's almost in the top half, folks.

A majority of us did manage to select the University of Pennsylvania in the Ivy (49), and a plurality liked Cincinnati in the AAC (30). But overall, the majority only managed 14 out of 32 conference champions (a nifty 44%), while in 15 conferences the winner was picked by a dozen or fewer entrants.

Reid (97 points) is still clinging to first place, by a single point over Harlan (96 points), though Harlan is our only contestant to guess as many as 18 conference champions correctly (a scintillating 56%). Another four entrants got more than half right (17 conference champions: Reid, D Josephs, Blane, B Whiteside). Five more got exactly half right (Baumgarten, R Schlegel, M Wanger, Selig, K Sullivan). And the rest of us kind of stink at this.

They're announcing the at-large selections right now. We'll have another update later tonight.

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