Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Advanced Math: Eight plus Four

In two earlier posts, we talked about the 46 eliminated Elite Eight entries and the seven foregone Final Four fiascos. Now let's talk about the 418 Elite Eight picks and the 225 Final Four selections that are still alive.

Here's the E8 breakdown:

Duke 53
Gonzaga 51
Virginia 51
Kentucky 43
North Carolina 43
Tennessee 40
Michigan 34
Michigan State 29
Texas Tech 24
LSU 16
Purdue 13
Houston 12
Florida State 5 (Baum, Doug Dye, Gorenstein, Sup Leach, Rybaltowski)
Virginia Tech 4 (Dale Dye, M Peloso, E Pogach, Templeton)
Auburn 0
Oregon 0

As a reminder, these are the already eliminated Elite Eight entries:

Kansas 10 (Biebel 3, Ed Leach, Mash Leach, J McAtee, B Peloso, E Pogach, Selig, Templeton 2, B Whiteside, J Whiteside)
Marquette 9 (Baum, Biebel 2, M Josephs, J McAtee, E Pogach, Rubinson, Rybaltowski, Steinhardt, Templeton 2)
Villanova 7 (Avila, J Broder, D Kedson, Sami Leach, L Schlegel, Selig, Tester)
Nevada 7 (Doug Dye, M Kleiman, L Leach, Marshall, Paston, Rybaltowski, Serri)
Buffalo 2 (M Paston, Sciarabba)
Wisconsin 2 (Booth, L Leach)
Iowa State 2 (Atkinson, Sup Leach)
Kansas State 2 (Marshall, Sciarabba)
VCU 1 (Templeton 2)
Maryland 1 (Mash Leach)
NC State 1 (K Ripley)
Washington 1 (J Broder)
Cincinnati 1 (J McAtee)

And here's the F4 breakdown:

Gonzaga 40
Duke 38
Virginia 36
North Carolina 30
Kentucky 20
Tennessee 18
Michigan 15
Michigan State 10
Texas Tech 7 (Dale Dye, M Josephs, Sami Leach, E Pogach, Reid, Rybaltowski, Warner)
LSU 5 (Biebel 3, Doug Dye, Mash Leach, Sup Leach, R Simon)
Purdue 4 (Butscher, D Kedson, Elle Leach, Templeton)
Houston 2 (L Leach, J McAtee)
Virginia Tech 0
Florida State 0
Auburn 0
Oregon 0

And again as a reminder, these are the Final Four failures, so far:

Kansas 4 (Biebel 3, Mash Leach, B Peloso, J Whiteside)
Wisconsin 1 (Booth)
Villanova 1 (Tester)
Nevada 1 (Rybaltowski)

It's also worth noting that seven contestants have Auburn as their wild card (Biebel 3, Gorenstein, Harlan, Elle Leach, Rybaltowski, Serri, C Whiteside).

With almost everyone looking at potential bonanzas, we won't be able to properly ridicule our contestants until some more games have been played. So stay tuned.

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