Friday, March 29, 2019

Eight May or May Not be Enough

The Eight has happened. And with three 1-seeds, two 2-seeds, and two 3-seeds in the Elite Eight, we still only have 35 out of 58 contestants with more than half of the Elite Eight correct (and that's including wild cards).

Amazingly, we had a contestant (Tester) who got 7 of the 8 correct, though predictably that contestant is a non-paying entrant. An additional seven entrants got 6 of 8 (D Kedson, L Schlegel, D Josephs, Warner, Sami Leach, Harlan (including Auburn as WC), and C Whiteside (also including Auburn as WC).

Balancing out those seven are seven contestants who only accurately predicted just 3 of the 8 Elite Eight teams (Serri, Rybaltowski, Marshall, J Broder, E Pogach, Templeton 2, and Mash Leach).

Harlan is now in first, with 269 points, followed by Biebel 3 (262), C Whiteside (262), D Kedson (255), L Schlegel (255), D Josephs (254), Tester (250), and Sami Leach (249). The top three in the standings all took Auburn as their wild card.

A lot more to happen over the weekend. Full standings may be found on the right-hand side of the page, or here.

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