Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Five for one, and one for all

We previously mentioned the NEC final was today, and predictably the underdog, Fairleigh Dickinson (21 votes) beat favorite St. Francis PA (28). What we didn't realize was four more conferences crowned champions this evening. And in one (1) of them, our favorite won -- Northern Kentucky (favored by 35) beat Wright State (wished by 19) in the Horizon League, bringing the total of conferences in which a majority of our contestants picked the winner to two (2). Out of eleven (that's 18.2%, for those of you calculating percentages at home).

In the Summit, North Dakota State (guessed by just Biebel 2) beat Omaha (hoped for by 5), and in the WCC, St. Mary's (selected by a grand total of zero (0) of us) beat Gonzaga (selected by ALL (all) of us). Those two bring the total conferences selected by one or fewer to four (4). Out of eleven (that's 36.4%, or twice as many as majority winners, for those of you actually reading this blog post). The last conference champion of the day was Northeastern (picked by 13), which beat our doomed favorite Hofstra (37) in the CAA final.

Baum, who now holds the honor of being the sole entrant in this contest who has picked more than half the conference winners (6 winners out of 11, so barely more than half, with 54.5%), has leapfrogged into first place, with 30 points. Just behind him is B Whiteside, with 28 points, and Sam Leach, with 26. Seven contestants are tied for fourth place, with 25 points (L Donadio, Doug Dye, Gallagher, Mad Leach, L Schlegel, Serri, and M Wanger).

Tomorrow, one additional conference champion will be named (and this time, we mean it). That would be either Colgate (taken by 32) or Bucknell (liked by 18), in the Patriot League.

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