Sunday, March 17, 2019

Almost There

They're announcing the at-large teams right now, so let's get in one last look after the conference championships.

The last seven conference winners include two teams chosen by a majority of our entrants, bringing the total of teams chosen by a majority up to ten (31.3%):

Big West: UC-Irvine (53);
Ivy: Yale (35);
Big 10: Michigan State (24);
Sun Belt: Georgia State (18);
AAC: Cincinnati (14);
SEC: Auburn (0);
Atlantic 10: St. Louis (0).

Note that two more teams were chosen by zero (0) of us, bringing the total of teams chosen by one or fewer of us up to eight (25.0%) (it's nine (28.1%) if you go with teams chosen by three or fewer of us).

Only one (1) contestant got more than half of the conferences right, and that was B Whiteside, who picked exactly one more than half (17 of 32, or 53%, meaning our leading prognosticator would have gotten a solid F on an sixth grade math test). Three entrants got exactly half right (D Kedson, M Peloso, L Schlegel).

B Whiteside is not coincidentally our leader, before the at-larges are picked, with 100 points, followed by D Kedson (95), Harlan (94), Baum and Gallagher (93 each), M Peloso and L Schlegel (92 each), and Madi Leach (90).

Once they finish announcing the at-larges and I get a chance to enter them into the computer (probably late tonight or maybe tomorrow mid-morning), we'll announce the winner of the mid-contest prize for leading after selection of the field.

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