Saturday, March 30, 2019

Halfway to Four (aka, Two)

Well we're halfway to the Final Four, and though the standings at this stage are a little bit meaningless, Harlan is still in the lead with 289 points, followed closely by Warner (285) and C Whiteside (282), and less closely by D Kedson (275), L Schlegel (275), D Josephs (274), Reid (273), and Tester (270). Full standings may be found (as always) through a link on the right-hand of this page, or here.

Congrats to the seven entrants who followed Texas Tech into the Valley of the Four (Dale Dye, M Josephs, Sami Leach, E Pogach, Reid, Rybaltowski, Warner); less so to the zero (0) entrants who picked the Red Raiders to be national champions.

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