Monday, March 25, 2019

Round Two

The second round wiped out all of our wild cards except Auburn, meaning only seven (7) contestants got more than one (1) wild card point: Biebel 3, Gorenstein, Harlan, Elle Leach, Rybaltowski, Serri, C Whiteside.

The weekend games knocked out surprisingly few of our Final Four and Elite Eight picks, however. As of now, only 46 out of a possible 464 Elite Eight picks (9.9%) are eliminated, those being the 25 we mentioned in this earlier blog post, as well as those devoted to Kansas (10), Villanova (7: Avila, J Broder, D Kedson, Sami Leach, L Schlegel, Selig, Tester), Buffalo (2: M Paston, Sciarabba), Washington (1: J Broder), and Maryland (1: Mash Leach). A mere seven (7) of our 232 Final Four picks (3.0%) have been kicked to the curb - those affiliated with Kansas (4: Biebel 3, Mash Leach, B Peloso, J Whiteside), Villanova (Tester), Wisconsin (Booth), and Nevada (Rybaltowski).

Biebel 3 is now in first place with 202 points, followed by Harlan (199), Baum (196), D Kedson and L Schlegel (195 each), D Josephs (194), and B Whiteside (193). Comfortably in last place is Kirchoff, with 129 points.

Full standings may be found here, or in the link on the right-hand side of the page.

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