Thursday, March 28, 2019

Great Moments in Pool History - 1991

1991 - The UNLV Discount

In 1991, undefeated UNLV was such a prohibitive favorite that the commissioners, hoping for a little diversity in champion choices, diverged from the normal scoring options. Instead of awarding 40 points for champion, as we've done in every contest since, we only promised 30 points to entrants who took UNLV to win it, and attempted to entice any choice other than UNLV with 50 points.

In retrospect, the succeeding events were obvious, but in 1991 who knew? 21 of 27 contestants (77.8%) went with UNLV anyway, and as became customary in later years, that overwhelming majority guessed wrong. Only two entrants got the points for eventual champion Duke, and one of them (N Sullivan) won the contest, with 341 points.

We have never offered such a "discount" again.

Oh, wait, you came here for current news? OK, halfway through to the Elite Eight, the standings may be found on the right-hand side of the page, or here. Of the top four scores, three (75%) have been turned in by Davids. And Booth is only one point behind C Whiteside. Besides that, who cares? The standings are meaningless until after tomorrow's games.

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