Monday, March 11, 2019

Two more in the truck

Well, we finally had our first conference champion picked by a majority of our contestants. Wofford (taken by 54) took the Southern, meaning our group now has chosen wisely once out of six. In the MAAC, Iona (liked by 28, so almost nearly a majority, except not) beat upstart Monmouth.

Those two relatively popular winners means there's only one remaining entrant who has yet to glean a point. That would be Templeton 2, who sits in 57th place with 0 points. In first place is L Donadio, the only one of us who has gotten more right than wrong, with 20 points. Five points behind the leader is a 19-way tie, with 15 points.

The NEC final is tomorrow (St. Francis PA (28) v. FDU (21)). Enjoy.

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