Thursday, March 14, 2019

Great Moments in Pool History - 1990

1990 - the Pool begins

The '90s had just begun. The first George Bush was president (that's W's dad, for those not old enough to remember). Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture. Vanilla Ice had a #1 single. And the commissioners had an idea.

We had 18 contestants. The entry form was handwritten. Pools were filled in, verified, and scored by hand. Newsletters were distributed by fax, hand-delivery, or snail mail (back way before anyone called it "snail mail"). It was the first Pre-NCAA Contest, the birth of history.

It was almost a stillborn birth. On the strength of picking Texas (a team that made the Elite Eight) as his wildcard, commissioner D Kedson won his own pool, with 360 points. Fortunately, the other 17 contestants realized it was a fluke and the Contest continued.

D Kedson has never won since.

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